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The Egyptian government has approved the foundation of an organization headed by one of the leaders of the expatriate Copts, Michael Meunier.
Almost ten months after the release of the leader of Al-Gama’a Al-Islamiya in Egypt Karam Zohdy , informed fundamentalist sources have revealed that Egyptian authorities have also released Usama Hafiz, one of the historical leaders of the Gama’a Al-Islamiya and a key founder of the group.
Parents of students in Islamic schools related to the Muslim Brotherhood and directed by its members objected to the fact the public education administration hired many teachers who do not sympathize with the Muslim Brotherhood.
The article points out the opinions of the Islamic leader, who is accused of assassinating President ’Ānwar al-Sadāt, on the relationship between al- Jamā‘ah and the ruling system.
Yesterday, the 80-year-old member of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, Shaykh Lāshīn Abū Shanab, was discharged by the Misdemeanor Court of Misr al-Jadīdah, East Cairo, and placed under house arrest for health reasons.
A new website has been set up by al-Hikāyma which aims to criticize the former leadership of Jamā‘ah Islamīyah and their disavowal of violence.
In its final statement, the International Inter-Religious Conference in Asatana, Kazakhstan, called for deepening inter-cultural understanding and global coexistence.
70 fanatics in Alexandria were arrested on suspicions of belonging to al-Qā‘idah. The Islamic group claims that they are innocent of the attempt to assassinate the author Nagīb Mahfūz.
30 teachers belonging to the banned Muslim Brotherhood group were imprisoned in investigative custody by the Supreme State Security Prosecution for alleged involvement in secret work in the education sector.
The Egyptian prosecution releases a large number of detained pro-judges protestors of different political affiliations.


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