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The author comments on the latest terrorist attack on the Egyptian resort of Dahab, pointing out that such attack will not stop the course of reform and development in Egypt.
Discussing the future of the Muslim Brotherhood group is a very thorny issue. The tricks they played during the presidential elections on many political parties make it clear that they should never be trusted.
The future of the Muslim Brotherhood has been tackled by many prominent Egyptian politicians. They tend to agree that any practical solution will have to allow their presence in the political arena, providing they are willing to integrate into society.
The author argues that the Muslim Brotherhood is an autocratic group which thrives on being a one-man-show. He suggests that the shoura [consultation] of the Brotherhood is purely superficial and scrutinizing the history of the Brotherhood, he finds precedents for the sanctity of the murshid in the...
The late US president, Richard Nixon, wrote in his book about the Muslim world that Americans must be careful to draw a line between the conduct of Muslim extremists and the Muslim faith.
Hassan al-Bannā argued that women belong at home, segregated from men. He rejected the education of women, arguing that they need only learn to take care of the house and the children.
The Muslim Brotherhood’s official policy is to clarify Islam and jihād. However, they clearly care more about condemning US and UK policies, which trigger terrorist acts by groups claiming they are in jihād.
Before the revolution, Jamāl ‘Abd al-Nāssir had connections with all the political powers in Egypt including the communists and the Muslim Brotherhood. He gave them the impression that he was committed to their ideologies and movements. He tamed these powers to achieve the goals of the revolution...
The Muslim Brotherhood had a long history of political assassinations, going back to the 1930s and 1940s. At that time, it only took a fatwa to go ahead, and it was a source of pride to commit an act of assassination.
The Muslim Brotherhood misinterpreted the messages from the US to be supportive, and thus raised the volume of their opposition. The US backed off and the Brotherhood cadres were arrested.


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