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The article talks about Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī’s works that attack God and religion, and her false claims.
al-Maydān reports about Nawāl al-Sa‘dāwī’s new book.
The author talks about al- Qaraḍāwī’s opinion that surprises all Muslims. According to him, the story of the web of the spider and the nest of the two doves in Ḥirā’ Cave is not true as it is not mentioned in the Qur’ān or Sunnah.
Nearly 255 people, including members of the "banned” Muslim Brotherhood, have been detained on charges of defying a security ban on public demonstrations.
A few days ago, the president of the American University in Cairo (AUC), David Arnold, decided to remove Islamic and Arabic contents from a number of AUC textbooks, including syllabi in Islamic history, Arabic literature and social sciences. A large number of the university’s staff has...
In spite of Egyptian officials’ affable statements on Shi’ ite-related issues, the Islamic Research Institute is still banning the circulation of Shi’ite books.
The author tries to find out the real reasons behind the withdrawal of six Coptic members from the Wasat party, the matter that marked the end of the party.
The article is a critique of the Grand Muftī ‘Alī Jum‘ā, who has dedicated a permanent section on Dar al-Ifta’a’s website to attacking journalists who criticize what the author calls the muftī’s weird fatwas.
When the Muftī was asked his opinion about the possibility of the Grand Imām and the Muftī being elected, he did not reject the idea outright. However, he contradicted himself by suggesting that the process of choice is against Islamic shoura [consultation, similar to the modern concept of free...
Christians get acquainted with the principles of Islam through drama. So there is no problem if Muslims get acquainted with the principles of Christianity through Christian drama. However, many of the Christian films produced so far have been shown only in the framework of the church.


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