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The author says that during a workshop of the permanent Euro-Mediterranean partnership committee, the conferees reiterated the importance that Muslims and Christians have to search for points of agreement and keep their distances from others of disagreement so that amity and solidarity would...
Charles opens with an excerpt from President Muhammad Husnī Mubārak’s speech on this year’s 37th anniversary of the October War, in which he states that fitnah tā’ifīyah is not acceptable and that its causers, no matter who they are, will answer to the firm hand of the law. Charles then suggests...
The article reports on the visit of an Egyptian parliamentary delegation to Washington.
A telephone conversation with Wiliyam Wīṣā (Dr.) regarding the Coptic conference held in Virginia, USA for the renewal of the Coptic work abroad.
Coptic expatriate organizations have founded the International Coptic Council [ICC] to include and coordinate the activities of all the participating Coptic organizations.
The article provides a brief overview of the condition of Bahā’īs in Egypt, and the adversity they have overcome.
Comments on Freedom House’s recent visit to Egypt.
The U.S. Copts’ Association has accused USAID of discriminating against Copts, after a proposal by the association in Egypt to partially finance two projects was rejected. USAID cited three reasons why it rejected the projects and the U.S Copts’ Association asserted that the rejection was mainly...
In the name of Copts’ Voice Organization in Italy, Ashraf Ramlah filed a claim against Egypt with the European Union. In his letter he pointed out Egypt’s violation of human rights and the discrimination against Copts.
Charles Fū’ād al-Misrī reports on the statements of Kamīl Halīm, president of the Coptic Assembly of America, who apologized to Counselor Najīb Jibrā’īl for not attending the conference.


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