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The Coptic Orthodox Church is still considering boycotting the parliamentary elections due to the National Democratic Party’s failure to choose any of its Coptic candidates in Alexandria. The Church says that it awaits the Pope’s decision on the matter. Meanwhile, the Coptic Orthodox Community...
Eight Copts in Alexandria, seven Orthodox and one Protestant, compete to represent the National Democratic Party in upcoming parliamentary elections. The seven Orthodox candidates seek the Church's endorsement. Some even claim to be personally endorsed by the Pope. The Pope's denial of those claims...
Pope Shenouda asserts that monasticism is a choice of asceticism and not a vent for failure.
The author discusses a grievous play performed in one of Alexandria’s churches on the 40th day since the incident of Naj‘ Hammādī.
Pope Shenouda, Patriarch of Alexandria, and the See of St. Mark insists, in his weekly sermon, that Copts and Muslims should be visiting the Holy places in Palestine together, not only the Copts.  
Pope Shenouda expresses his opinion regarding a number of issues.
In his weekly Sunday sermon in Alexandria, Pope Shenouda calls for helping people in need regardless of their religion and honors the top students in the secondary schools’ final examinations.
In his weekly sermon in Alexandria, Pope Shenouda refused to absolve a Coptic woman who visited Israel, violating his commandments and calls on Copts to take church news from the church, referring to the unauthentic church news reported by some newspapers.
Pope Shenouda is back in Alexandria after a 12-week absence.
A new pope’s deputy is assigned in Alexandria, and Pope Shenouda is still absent from his supposed weekly sermons there.


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