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19 lawyers from Al-Qalīūbīa governorate yesterday presented a communiqué accusing Dr ‘Essām Al-‘Aryān, Vice President of the Freedom and Justice Party, of stirring confusion and disturbance and of incitement to the killing of peaceful protestors outside the Presidential Palace. Investigations are...
However, a state of cautious alert dominated the area after several Salafī preachers removed the sign placed a couple of days ago on the piece of land owned by a Copt of the name Sa’īd Mansūr Ibrāhīm.
One person has died and four others got injured in a fight that erupted between Copts and Muslims in al-Khusūs city. Fire arms were used. Qalyubia security forces arrived at the place and contained the fight, arresting 10 defendants. The deceased and the injured were taken to hospital. 
A state of cautious calm has prevailed in al- Khusūs in Qalyubia. This is after an incident of a sectarian strife between Copts and Muslims due to differences over the priority of cars movement in the street. A Copt passed away while 16 others got injured. 
The Shubra Criminal Court, held in the Institute of Police Officers, and headed by Counselor Hassan Farīd, sentenced ten fugitives to death, including Abd al- Rahmān al- Birr, muftī of the Muslim Brotherhood.
A number of governorates were under security measures especially areas beside churches, vital institutions and buildings. Head of al-Qalyubia Security Department, said that security measures were intensified around dioceses and churches in Banhā, Shubrā al-Khaymah, and al-Khusūs (Muhsin ‘Ashrī,...
This article reports on the development of sectarian incidents in Matrūh and Daqahlīyah. Both ended with reconciliatory sessions.
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