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Middle East Online Website published an article on August 24 entitled “Egypt’s Morsi scraps preventive detention for publishing crimes” by Dominique Soguel. Below is the original text of the article: Egyptian newspaper editor Islam Afifi was freed after a few hours in custody on Thursday, a...
For the second day in a row, members of the Muslim Brotherhood have failed to mobilize  demonstrations in the first anniversary of Muhammad Mursī’s deposal. 
 Several metro stations were faced with bomb attacks last night, whereby one bomb exploded in Mīdān al-Mahkamah (Court House Square) in Heliopolis. This explosion caused the injury of four people and triggered a state of terror and panic amongst citizens. (Author not mentioned, al-Shurúq al-Jadīd,...
People in different Governorates of Egypt expressed a wave of optimism and joy in celebration of al- Sīsī’s inauguration. 
Muslim Brotherhood members have committed some acts of violence in Kirdāsah, Giza, a Muslim Brotherhood stronghold. 
The Arab-West Report database contains a multimedia (video, text, and image) archive of our 2017 conference: Development of Sustainable Water Management for Agriculture in Egyptian Oases; The Example of Abu Sherouf, Siwa. 
The Arab-West Report Database houses a collection of text based reporting on Siwa Oasis, its history, culture, and people. 
Sout Al-Umma devoted a special file for Sayed Qutb discussing his childhood, professional life and opinions. Sayed Qutb was the main ideologue for Islamic groups in the 1960s. He is still often quoted.
Sout Al-Umma allocates a special file to famous Coptic figures - politicians, writers and men of religion - and their national stands.
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