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On the occasion of the Feast of Christ’s Entry into Egypt, Pope Tawāḍrūs II held a mass at the Abū Sirja Church in Old Cairo, one of the places where the Holy Family resided during their stay in Egypt.  
Today, the Coptic museum organised an exhibition titled ‘the Holy Journey’ to commemorate the anniversary of the Holy Family’s arrival to Egypt.
Dr. ʿAbd al-Raḥīm Rīḥān, General Director of research and archaeological studies in South Sinai, has confirmed that religious tolerance in Egypt was a historical reality. He cites a Quranic verse calling for the preservation of Christian, Jewish and Islamic sacred sites. The verse itself, Verse 40...
The churches, both in Egypt and throughout the world, cried over the Notre Dame fire that consumed the roof of the cathedral before toppling one of its massive towers.  
The St Mary of Damshīr Church, located in al-Baṭārikah (the Patriarchs) Street, in old Cairo, is crawling with monumental icons, each having its own story.
Dr. Khālid al-ʿAnānī, minister of Antiquities, received the Archbishop of Gaeta, with the company of a delegation of professors from the Catholic University of Rome, and Hānī ʿAzīz, Secretary General of Egypt's Peace Lovers Association.
Monk Tīmūthāwus Āfā Mīnā, responsible for the al-Ṭāḥūna Church of Pope Kīrillus in the area of al-Zahrāʾ,Miṣr al-Qadīma, said that March is the month for visiting al-Ṭāḥūna to celebrate the day of his excellence Pope Kīrillus on March, 9th of every year.
Egypt's Minister of Culture, Hilmī Al-Nunem, on Wednesday evening, attended the church's celebration of the Holy Family flight into Egypt in the Church of the Abu Serga and Bachus in Old Cairo.
Today, Wednesday, to commemorate the Holy Family's Flight into Egypt, the Coptic Orthodox Abū Serja and Bachusand Church in Old Cairo's al-Fūstāt, held a ceremonial celebration attended by state officials and various dignitaries.
Dr. Shurūq ʿAshūr, professor of Islamic and Christian monuments at the Future University stressed in a recent study that Egypt is home to 156 ancient churches. She said that these archaeological churches are considered to be an architectural museum.   


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