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Al-Watani newspaper hosted a symposium on the national role of the Egyptian Church. The symposium was organized in cooperation with the Center for National Unity Studies, a civic institution devoted to establishing values of national unity through dialogue between various cultural groups.
Through their special coordination offices, 450 Islamic societies extended their congratulations to the president of Al-Azhar Permanent Committee for Dialogue between the Heavenly Religions, Sheikh Fawzy Al-Zafzaf, for the decisive and frank position expressed by the "Al-Azhar"-Vatican Committee...
A Muslim responds to a recent article by a Christian which was entitled: "Fanaticism without justification."
The recent "National Role of the Egyptian Church throughout the Ages" symposium was exemplary as a useful. Sabah Al-Kheir followed on the event and attended the researches, studies and discussions presented.
The British Prime Minister meets for the first time the Council for Muslims to discuss their demands; and former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt said he expects the majority of the world’s population to become Muslims over the next fifty years. Speaking at the "Inter-Religious Dialogue Conference...
The Eastern Catholic Church is celebrating the new millennium in the place where Christ was born, lived and lifted to heaven. Christianity emerged in this region showing the whole world a good example of brotherhood, friendliness among the three main religions of the world.
Dr. Fawzy Stefanos is one of Egypt’s prominent scientists abroad, with a distinctive reputation in the field of anesthesia and heart surgery, who founded the St. Marqos’s Foundation for the Study of Coptic History. He speaks about his views on how Coptic concerns in Egypt can be resolved.
The History and Antiques Committee of the Supreme Council for Culture organizes on April 19 a seminar with the theme "The National Role of the Egyptian Coptic Church throughout the Ages." Artist Farouq Hosni (Minister of Culture), Dr. Gaber ’Asfour (Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for...
[and Al-Wafd, April 15, 1999.] The Joint Islamic-Catholic Dialogue Committee, which represents the Azhar and the Papal Council [for Interreligious Dialogue], has condemned the brutal actions being taken by the Serbs in Kosovo.
The Islamic-Christian dialogue is nothing but an attempt by the West to absorb Islam within its culture taking away from Islam its own characteristics. Islam is quickly spreading in Europe, Australia and the United States and holding such dialogues, no doubt, might impede it.


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