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[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] The curse of Christ is still following the Jews up till today and it will follow them until they repent and give back the rights of the people, which they have stolen.
[Father Abd Al-Sayyid is the Pastor of Mari Girgis church in Hadayik Al-Maadi] Keeping silent was the doctrine of Jesus Christ as he refused to defend himself against all the lies and the claims that were exposed against him.
Currently, however, a small booklet about "El-Isra’ and Me’rag" (night journey and ascension to heaven) is being distributed among Christian youth as an old, medieval, document authored by an old Syrian Orthodox bishop. The story resembles the night journey and ascension to heaven of the prophet...
Blessed be Egypt my people (Isaiah 19:25) Take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt (Matthew 2:13) Out of Egypt have I called my son (Matthew 2:15). Who would have thought that these Bible verses would one day appear in the publicity material of a number of major travel agents,...
Pope Shenouda wants to see the boycotts on Iraq and Libya are lifted. He believes the Israeli conflict with the Arabs is a conflict of greed. He also said the problem of the Coptic endowments is close to a final solution, thanks to the government.
When we are celebrating Coptic New Year’s Day, we remember thousands of martyrs who sacrificed their lives for the love of the Lord. We are wondering what the reasons were that forced them to bear these pains in order to learn from them.
The Holy Azhar has announced that preparations for celebrating the 2000th anniversary of the birth of Christ have already started.


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