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To preserve and spread the heritage of his holiness Pope Shinūda III, the Teacher of Generations Center dedicated a booth at the Cairo International Book Fair exclusively to the collection of his works.
The Coptic Orthodox Church announced the dates for this year’s Coptic Book Fair.  The fair will be from November 3 to November 18 at St. Mark’s Cathedral in al-ʿAbāssiyya.
The number of Christian publishing houses, participating in the Cairo International Book Fair 2020, has reached over ten and includes the Bible Society, Evangelical Culture Publishing House, Logos Publishing House, Episcopal Publishing, St. Mark’s Magazine, which is a part of the Monastery of St....
“A detailed life of Jesus,” a book that has appeared in many Coptic Orthodox book stores,  caused much controversies as it contains a variety of falsities about the life of Jesus Christ, including a kiss from Virgin Mary to Jesus.
After decades of tension between the state and the church in Egypt over many thorny issues, their relations have flourished in recent years, especially after the exclusion of the Muslim Brotherhood from the political scene in 2013.
Anba Mūsā, Bishop of Youth, and Bishop Rūfāʾīl, Bishop of Central Cairo and Secretary of the Holy Synod, inaugurated yesterday the fifth annual exhibition of the Coptic Orthodox Book, organized by the Youth Bishopric on the occasion of the fifth enthronement year of Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Patriarch and...
The Coptic Orthodox Church has announced that the Coptic Book Fair held at the Cathedral of St. Mark in al-ʿAbbasiya is open to the public until November 21.
The subject of Wolfgang Häde’s 128-page work concerns the torture and murder of Pastor Necati Aydin and two other men in Malatya city, Turkey, in 2007. Häde (outside Germany also spelled Haede) is an Evangelical pastor and German missionary serving the local Evangelical Church in Turkey....
The article reflects on the great values exemplified by the Christ and the outstanding universal films and series which revolve around his life. 
Dār al-`Ain Publication organizes a book-sharing evening on Sunday, March 13, 2016, to discuss the work of late Egyptian writer Abu Saif Yūsuf.


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