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Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
An obituary of Dr. Maurice As‘ad, one of the most prominent scholars of Christianity in the Coptic church in the 20th century, who has passed away at the age of close to 76
Hulsman interviewed Dr. Maurice Asad, former associate secretary-general of the Middle East Council of Churches, who knew Bishop Athanasius from before he was consecrated as a monk and father Dr. Christiaan van Nispen about their experiences with Bishop Athanasius. Dr. Asad described bishop...
A dialogue between Dr. Maurice Asad, who has known Dr. William Sulaymān Qilāda for probably more then 50 years, and Drs. Kees Hulsman, who also knew Dr. Qilāda personally.
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