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The Coptic Orthodox Church’s first official response said, in a statement on Saturday, that he had been cut off from its service for more than 18 years.
The Holy Synod Secretary Bishop Daniel stated that the Coptic Orthodox Church issued no statements regarding the decision to defrock two monks of the St. Makarius Monastery, also known as Abu Maqār Monastery, for not complying to the regulations of monastic life and disobeying the abbot of their...
The Committee of Faith and Dogma of the Coptic Orthodox Holy Synod, headed by the General Bishop of the Youth, Bishop Mūsa, has submitted a classified report to Pope Tawadros II on doctrinal offenses committed by members of the Alexandria Priest Seminary for Theological Studies. 
Leading Coptic figures denied rumors posted on Coptic websites about church trials of Bishop Yu’annis and Bishop Armiyā. This comes after a number of priests and bishops engaged in a closed meeting following celebrations of Pope Shenouda's ordination anniversary. Mājid Hannā said that the meeting...
Pope Shenouda has a list of those monks abroad who have defied his order to return to Egypt.  
The article reports on the celebration of the Virgin Mary feast and the expectation of a demonstration by Copts from al-Balyanā in front of the papal residence.
Copts begin the fast of theVirgin and in al-Balyanā they offer their fasting and prayers for the reinstatement of defrocked Father Bula.
The article highlights the conflict among Coptic Orthodox bishops about the papal succession.
Bishop Bīshūy comments on current issues in the Coptic Orthodox Church and society, including Muslim-Christian relations.
A new stage inside the Orthodox Church in which Copts have started to disobey Pope Shenouda and organize demonstrations to express their demands.


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