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The Coptic Orthodox Church announced the death of the monk Fr. Yūḥannā al- Maqārī at the age of over 90 years old, after leading a monastic life that lasted about 55 years.
St. Macarius Monastery [dayr Abū Maqār] in Wādī al-Naṭrūn announced the passing of Fr. Bāsīliyūs al-Maqārī, one of Mattā al-Miskīn’s most famous students, after suffering from age-related diseases and not the Coronavirus. 
On Monday, the Monastery of St. Macarius [Abū Maqār] in Wādī al-Naṭrūn commemorates the 14th anniversary of the death of Father Mattā al-Miskīn.  Father Mattā al-Miskīn was born in 1919 in Banhā with the name Yūssuf Iskandar.  He was from a rich family and graduated from pharmacy school in 1943 and...
Bishop Ibrām, Patriarch of Coptic Orthodox Church in Fayūm and supervisor of the Wādī al-Rayyān area of the Coptic Orthodox, consecrated the Church of St Makāriyyūs of Alexandria in Wādī al-Rayyān in Fayūm.
Knowledgeable Church sources informed al-Dustūr that Pope Tawāḍrūs II, Pope of Alexandria and Patriarch of St. Mark, made rearranging the ecclesiastical home his first priority immediatelyafter returning from his current visit to the United States.
This article reports on the pope’s fourth visit to St Macarius Monastery since its abbot’s resignation.
On November 14th a group of employees and interns working at CIDT visited the Monastery of Saint Macarius and the Monastery of Saint Bīshūy in Wādī al-Natrūn. Visiting the monasteries of Wādī al-Natrūn is an introduction in Coptic life and traditions. It provides us interns with a lot of...
Sitting under the jasmine trellis as the passing of the last languid golden rays is mourned by the bell’s knell heralding the evening prayer to the black and brown-clad monks, the mind is tempted to imagine their every footstep toward the church a timeless recreation along a path first trod Saint...
In an attempt to find a solution to the problem of the lack of abbot at the Monastery of St. Macarius, Pope Shenouda went to the monastery and met the monks, promising that a resolution is close at hand.
Ever since the abbot of St Macarius Monastery resigned there have been debates over who will succeed him and whether it will be someone from within the monastery or someone from outside.


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