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Bishop Kīrillus Āfā Mīnā, Bishop and Abbot of Saint Mīnā Monastery in Alexandria, issued a decision suspending Monk Athanāsiyyūs who is delegated to the spiritual service in the USA pending investigation by the Monastic Affairs Committee.
UNESCO World Heritage List includes seven Egyptian sites, divided into six heritage: The Monastery of Abū Mīnā, Historical [Islamic] Cairo, The Memphite Necropolis, Ancient Thebes, The Monuments of Nubia, and St. Catherine.  
The article explains the history of Monastery of Muharraq and describes the experience of 16 artists who stayed there for six days.
A new book about Egyptian Coptic art and icons published in Paris by Mahmūd Zibāwī.
Al-Ahram al-Arabi shed light on the life of monks under the title "We Are Angels Living on Earth." al-Ah...
Swift intensive efforts were made this week to contain a Muslim-Christian crisis due to a blasphemous article, by a Muslim writer, about a former monk. Thousands of angry youths protested against the article, the Government was accused of being in collusion with the paper, Pope Shenouda...
Mamdouh Mahran, chief editor of the weekly al-Nabaa, claimed that a former Coptic monk had practiced prostitution inside the church. Mahran was highly criticized in Egyptian media and was accused of damaging national unity. His article provoked angry protests by Copts in Assiut and in the main...
The Monastery of Al-Muharraq in Qusia hosted an Iftar dinner attended by a delegation from the Journalists Syndicate and a number of thinkers and writers as part of the annual meeting between the monks of the monastery and members of the Journalists Syndicate organized by the monastery.
Investigations are being carried out to identify the causes of a collapse of part of a wall at al-Muharraq Monastery.
Christians believe that Al-Muharraq monastery is the holiest location to which the Holy Family resorted. The tourism value of Al-Muharraq monastery is not less than that of the pyramids. That is why we should give it the concern it deserves.


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