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The Monastery of Saint Thomas [Dayr Anbā Thomas al-Sā’iḥ] was warned of a fake page on social media under the name of Father Samuel [Ṣamūʾīl].
Bishop Anṭūniyyūs, Metropolitan of Jerusalem, visited the Diocese of Damietta, Kafr al-Shaykh and al-Barārī.
Security forces in Dakahlia decided to cancel the Feast of St. Dimyana that is usually held annually between May 12-20 in Bilqās, Dakahlia. 
Anba Bīshūy, or Makram Iskandar Niqūlā, the 76-year-old Metropolitan Bishop of Damietta, Kafr al-Shaykh and al-Brārī, died of a heart attack early in the morning on Wednesday. Pope Tawāḍrūs II mourned the Coptic Orthodox Bishop Bīshūy, and the funeral prayers will be held at Monastery of Saint...
After the death of Metropolitan of the dioceses of Kafr al-Shaykh and Damietta, Bishop Bīshūy, rumors spread that his deputy is to preside over the St. Damiana [Dimiyānā] convent of which the late bishop was the president. The monastery of the martyr St. Damiana [Dimiyānā] in the south of Damietta...
Civil Protection Forces in al-Daqahliyya managed to contain a fire that ravaged the Monastery of St. Demiana in the city of Bulqās today. An official report was issued of the attack and it has been sent to the prosecutor for investigation. 
This article celebrates the release of seven Copts who had been detained by State Security Investigation and details the story of Dimiana, who went missing last July.
Nādir Shukrī tells the story of the arrest of Christian youth without charges following the alleged kidnapping of a Christian girl.
An investigative report into the arrest of seven young men in the al-Marj district and the demonstrations that followed.
The author notes the impending release of seven Copts still detained by State Security Investigations, despite being found not guilty of the charges of premeditated murder, carrying arms, and abduction.


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