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The article presents a brief overview of the most important events that have happened in Egyptian churches during 2006.
A description of a visit to the Convent of St. Dimyānah on the Occasion of the festival of Saint Dimyānah whereby Metropolitan Bīshūy provided the delegation with a detailed explanation of Coptic traditions related to the convent. Dr. Picard noted differences between the way Metropolitan Bīshūy and...
A conflict between a nun and a monastery over land and property ownership.
The convent of the church Abū Sayfayn experienced, last Wednesday, the death of the famous nun Īrīnī. Many people gathered to pay her their last tribute.
Bishop Bīshūy is a controversial figure in the Coptic Orthodox church. He is known for his traditional stands, but also for his reforms and important achievements.
Rūbīr al-Fāris writes about the history of the Sisters of Charity Federation, founded by St. Vincent de Paul and Louise de Marillac in France in 1633.
The author reports on the history of monasteries for nuns in Egypt.
The author sheds light on the life of Egyptian Orthodox nuns inside a convent and their rebellion against the convent head, Archbishop Bīshūy, for his strict orders separating them entirely from the outside world.
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