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The churches of Northern Shubrā are presenting a series entitled “A Historical Documentary of the Churches of Northern Shubrā” prepared by one of the deacons at St. George [Mār Jirjis] Church.  It documents the history of every church from their founding to their service. 
The Institut Du Monde Arabe (IMA), in Paris, France, is presently holding a major art exhibit showcasing famous religious works of art, both Christian and Islamic.
Many Egyptian Copts, whether educated or illiterate, believe in the blessings of saints… A girl, although has a bachelor degree in pharmacology, keeps a glass of water mixed with sand, known as "Father Yassa’s holy sand", in her bedroom. She drinks this water everyday although these beliefs have no...
Visit to Bishop Thomas in his retreat center Anafora. Dr. Meinardus’ opinion on the increase of the cult of saints and relics.
Akhmim, the final stages of the restoration and reconstruction are being carried out on one of the smallest monastic sites in Egypt: the Monastery of Saint Tomas (Deir Al-Anba Tomas Al-Sa’ih) and its church.
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