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Bishop Daniel of Sydney is now subject to a police investigation following allegations of serious fraud within the church.
Pope Tawāḍrūs held a meeting on Friday to follow the Sydney Crisis. The meeting included bishop Tādrus, Metropolitan of Port Saʿīd and the Papal delegate for the Sydney Diocese, Fr. Daniel bishop of Maadi and the secretary of the Holy Synod, and bishop Anjīlūs of London.
In this investigative report, Mada Masr [Madā Miṣr] interviews the victims of Michael Fahmī, who has been accused of sexually assaulting underage Coptic girls through his pseudo medical practice.  This summary focuses on the aspects of the report that examine Fahmī’s relationship with the Coptic...
Amid the ongoing investigation by the prosecutor-general into allegations of rape, sexual harassment and blackmail made by dozens of women and girls against a young man named, Aḥmad Bassām Zakī, a woman belonging to the Coptic Orthodox Church in the US had revealed that she fell a victim to sexual...
Sources from within the Church informed al-Dustūr that the bishop of Sydney, Bishop Daniel [Dāniyyāl], will return to his diocese after eight months of absence. Bishop Daniel  had come to Egypt in November last year to attend a seminar by the Holy Synod of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Following the...
Priest Philopater has been pardoned after completely distancing himself from politics and from participating in any political party.
Father Philopater, former member of al-Ghad political party of the Egyptian opposition was sustained as a priest following his strong worded articles against the Egyptian regime. Pope Shenouda issued a remission five months prior to the official end of the penalty.
Pope Shenouda decided not to investigate Bishop Paphnotius to avoid repeating the incidents that occurred after the church decided to investigate Bishop Kyrillos.
The author wonders about the real reasons for canceling the church trial of the bishop of Naj‘ Ḥammādī, Bishop Kyrillos, criticizing the Secretary- general of the Holy Synod Bishop Bīshūy for holding such trials upon personal discords alone.
A Copt has accused an Orthodox archpriest of colluding with his former fiancée to steal his ‘shabkah’ [Reviewer: a set of jewelry or gold that men usually present to their fiancées before or at their engagement].


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