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The author discusses the ideas of Kamāl Zākhir involving the political function and candidacy of the pope, as well as the need for a pope’s deputy and his calls for Copts to stop comparing national and religious belonging.
Hānī Samīr talks about "monasticism and the future", which is the theme of the fourth conference of the Coptic Laymen, to be held early next year.
The crisis between Waṭanī and the Coptic Orthodox Church following the laymen’s conference seems to have become chronic. Pope Shenouda has not sent his weekly article to the newspaper for two weeks. While some attributed the issue to a new phase of the pope’s anger, sources assured that the pope...
In an interview with Rose al-Yūsuf, Nabīl Munīr, attorney and member of the laymen’s conference], said that re-writing the Bible is not a heresy and does not oppose the church or the Holy Bible.
The article discusses the second laymen’s conference, the topics discussed, and the problems surrounding the conference itself.
Hānī ‘Azīz denies being Pope Shenouda’s counselor or the church’s spokesman.
Muhammad Fayyād, claimed that he had followed the advice of his lawyer and sought ‘Azīz’s support to help him claim his right to the endowments. However he alleges that he misused this to appropriate the disputed endowments. In response to these claims, Ibrāhīm challenges the claimant to produce...
In response to a letter sent to al-Fajr by lawyer Zakarīyā Zakī Ibrāhīm in defense of his client, who was accused of appropriating Islamic endowments of 4 billion L.E., the author says that ‘Azīz has ignored previous allegations about appropriating a piece of land in Alexandria worth 1.5...
The author raises many questions around suspicious land purchase deals and untraceable source of money.
Hani‘ ‘Azīz is an ambiguous Coptic figure: nobody knows exactly what his job is or why he has so much influence on the Coptic church. Two recent events, in particular, demonstrate his great influence in Coptic circles.


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