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The Coptic Orthodox Church announced the inauguration of the Virgin Mary Monastery in Mount Asyūṭ (known as the Monastery of Durunka). The opening ceremony of the monastery’s archaeological cave after its restoration witness the presence of Bishop Yūʾanis, bishop of Asyut along with a number of...
Orthodox Copts will celebrate the Birth of Virgin Mary in the next month, during which they will visit monasteries and churches. The Virgin’s Monastery in Durnuka Mountain, in Asyūṭ, holds particular fame as it was the last stop for the holy family on their way to Palestine.
In an effort to promote religious tourism, members of al-Wafd Party, Assiut branch, visited the Dayr al-Muḥarraq, also known as the Muharraq Monastery, in al-Qūṣiyyah Markaz (country’s subdivision).
In this article Farīdah al-Zumur, a TV presenter, responds to the rumors about visiting a monastery with her grandson to be cured from cancer. Yasmīn al-Husarī further comments stressing that the age of miracles has gone.
The author discusses the land dispute over 13 feddans outside of the Holy Virgin Monastery in Assiut. He complains that the authorities have failed to implement all the rulings in favor of the monastery.
The author of the article describes the bureaucratic and legal difficulties that the Monastery of the Holy Virgin has experienced in trying to establish a small wooded area near its premises.
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