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Early last Friday morning, thousands of Christians of all ages rushed into the church of Virgin Mary in Luxor. The occasion was Bishop Musa calling the Christians of Luxor in an attempt to open a positive conversation to solve the crisis after the people’s out right rejection of the decision...
This article gives an overall view of the case of deposing Bishop Ammonius. It exposes the different reactions of the Christians of Luxor towards the decision of the Holy Council as well as the comment of the Holy Council itself.
An article questioning the soundness of disciplinary acts taken by the Holy Synod against priests and bishops.
The state considered that the problems of the Copts were a source of headaches, preferably to be avoided. Some people claim that the state relaxed after Pope Shenouda was returned to his seat by a new appointment decree. They considered the pope, to be the representative of the Copts in all...
More than 3000 Copts demonstrated in the church of Luxor, asking for the return of Bishop Amonius, the Bishop of Luxor, whom the pope deposed more than a year ago. They objected to the pope’s oral decision not to mention his name in the mass prayers.
An atmosphere of calmness started to prevail in the Bishopric of Luxor, after three weeks of disputes over the decision of deposing Bishop Ammonius. Akhbar Al-Hawadeth met the poles of the dispute and asked them about what happened and what is going to happen.
The events the church witnessed in the last days were many and successive. This article is a comment on the deposition of Bishop Ammoinus and the disappearance of Father Matta Al-Maskeen.
To the surprise of Egyptian churches and media, the case of Bishop Ammonius became momentous and changed into a real revolution. Christians in Luxor struck in the Orthodox church, at Ma’abad Al-Karnak street (Karnak temple street), demanding the Holy Council to reconsider its decision of depositing...
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