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The article highlights the situation of Bishop Dimitrius of Mallawī against a dissertation on Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
The custody of the religious institutions on scientific research leads to the suspension of a dissertation about the Coptic language by a Coptic researcher.
There are still problems that are not completely resolved in the Abū Fānā issue.
The newspaper wrote an article about Bishop Demetrius, bishop of Mallāwī and head of the Orthodox Church’s Care, Service and Monasteries Affairs Committee, mentioning some secret information about him that has not been previously known by the media. In a related development, a committee was formed...
A brief summary of Bishop Demetrius and his role in resolving the Abū Fānā Monastery incident.
The annual celebration of the journey of the Holy Family was held in the Upper Egyptian village of Mallawi in Minya governorate. Diplomats from different Western countries and tourists participated in the celebration alongside Egyptians.
Grief still hangs over the village of Dayr al- Barshā despite the passage of more than one month since the brutal killings involving two related Christian families over agricultural property.
A digest of articles covering Coptic-Muslim Brotherhood relations, focusing on American Coptic leader Michael Munīr’s recent visit to Egypt, halting attempts to establish dialogue between the two groups and the impact of the Brotherhood’s success in the last parliamentary elections on Muslim-Coptic...
A recorded sermon by a new dā‘iya [a man who calls for Islam] called Shaykh Mus‘ad Nour, is selling like hot cakes on the market. On the tape, which is not authorized by the Azhar, the censorship authorities or any other organization, the unknown Shaykh says that the niqāb is a religious duty...
During an interview with al-Ahrām al-‘Arabī magazine, Anbā Bīsantī, Bishop of Hilwān and al-Ma‘sara, asserted that “the absence of democracy during late President ‘Abd al-Nāsir’s time reflected on the Copts.”


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