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The crisis of al-Kushh village which changed its name to al-Salām, in Sohag governorate, seems to experience a breakthrough after Bishop Wīsā, the bishop of al-Bilīnā, issued a decree to pardon the fourteen suspended priests.
The article sheds light on the alleged suspension of 14 priests from al-Kushh village, presenting their responses to the accusations.
Some Coptic residents of al-Salām village in Sohag have expressed their disappointment with their church, after hearing the news that some Orthodox priests in the village were suspended because of financial corruption.
Drs. Hulsman provides a detailed description of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt, and a history of Coptic problems, stemming from their own actions and outside influences.
The Criminal Court of Sohag gave its verdict in al-Kosheh case, in which 57 Muslims and 39 Copts were accused. Ninety-two defendants were set free and four Muslim defendants were sentenced to between one and ten years imprisonment. No one was convicted of murder, although 21 Christians were...
A number of Christians from the Upper Egyptian village of al-Kushh, Assuit governorate, filed charges against some clergy from the Kushh church, accusing them of misusing authority to collect compulsory donations from the poor villagers.
The American Coptic Association mentioned that Bishop Yo’annis, secretary to Pope Shenouda, joined Islam under threats from Muslims during Al-Kosheh incidents and that father Bola of Al-Kosheh church, and Bishop Wissa of El-Balyana were witnesses to the incident.
Mohammed Al Mahi does not think that families of the victims of Al-Kosheh riots will take revenge following the sentence. Bishop Wissa says that he will not stay still and he won’t take part in any reconciliation.
Egyptian security sources denied that new clashes, between Muslims and Copts, had taken place in Al-Kosheh and warned against any attempts to stir up sectarian strife there. Bishop Wissa said that a burning substance had been thrown at three of the Copts’ houses in Al-Kosheh and one of the doors...
The Freedom House translated a letter Bishop Wissa of Al-Belyana about the attack on four Christians homes in Al-Kosheh.


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