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Some sources are attributing the decision of dismissal of monk Antonios Al-Gowargi from Al-Khatatba Monastery and removal of his monastic rank to his circulation of rumors against Father Bimoua, priest and head of Mar Girgis Monastery.
More information on the dismissal of a monk from the Mari Girgis Monastery in Khatatba.
Responding to Al-Arabi’s article that was published last week titled "An ambiguous crime in Mari Girgis Monastery in Al-Khatatba", a representative of Bishop Bimoua came to the paper bringing documents that supported their reply. He said, Monk Antonios Al-Gowargi voluntarily left the monastery. His...
Basically the same text as in the article above.
His Grace Bishop Bimoua, bishop and head of the Mari Girgis Monastery in Al-Khatatba and the group of priests and monks of the monastery announce to all churches and monasteries and all the people that a decision has been made to dismiss Monk Antonios Al-Gowargi from his monastic duties from the...
Last week, the Sadat City Prosecutor called for Fr. Antonios in Mari Girgis monastery, and four workers who are working in the same monastery who made a complaint against the monk. They accused him of attacking one of them with a razor blade in an attempt to rape him. The worker was wounded in his...
Four persons attacked the monk. They tied his hands with ropes and chains, shaved his beard, cut his hair, forced him to take off his robe and beat him. In an official report they also accused him of trying to rape a young man.
The author presents his version of the background of a monk in a controversy in a monastery in Al-Khatatba. This article should be read in conjunction with the following articles about the same subject.
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