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The Coptic Orthodox Church announced the death of the monk Fr. Yūḥannā al- Maqārī at the age of over 90 years old, after leading a monastic life that lasted about 55 years.
St. Macarius Monastery [dayr Abū Maqār] in Wādī al-Naṭrūn announced the passing of Fr. Bāsīliyūs al-Maqārī, one of Mattā al-Miskīn’s most famous students, after suffering from age-related diseases and not the Coronavirus. 
Over the last two decades, the Coptic Orthodox Church has expressed its opposition to several films and television shows, both domestic and international, resulting in the cancellation of some of these works and censorship of others.  The reasons for the church’s disapproval vary.
On Monday, the Monastery of St. Macarius [Abū Maqār] in Wādī al-Naṭrūn commemorates the 14th anniversary of the death of Father Mattā al-Miskīn.  Father Mattā al-Miskīn was born in 1919 in Banhā with the name Yūssuf Iskandar.  He was from a rich family and graduated from pharmacy school in 1943 and...
Following what was written about the assassination of Bishop Epiphanius, the abbot of the St. Makarius Monastery on one hand, and what is happening in the corridors of that monastery on the other, some important remarks can be made, although there are to now no official information disclosed: 
In a historic visit, Pope Tawadros visited the Monastery of Anba Makar [Also known as St. Macarios].
 Nārīmān Fawzī begins this article by recalling a horrific scene that took place inside a monastary in Egypt. On July 29, an unprecedented and heinous murder occurred in the St. Makarius the Great Monastery or best known as Deir Anba Maqār in al-Bihīra. Here, the local abbot, Bishop Epiphaniyūs,...
In his column this week, the journalist and writer ʿImād al-Dīn Ḥusayn tackles the reformation path of the Coptic Orthodox Church under the ministry of Pope Tawāḍrūs II: The aftermath of Bishop Epiphaniyūs’ murder, the abbot of The Monastery of Saint Makarius in Wādī al-Naṭrūn, many people believe...
The article tackles the decision taken by Pope Shenouda regarding banning two books of Father Mattá al-Maskīn from Orthodox churches.
كانت ولا تزال بعض مؤلفات الأب متى المسكين زوبعة تثار عند الاقتضاء على الرغم من ان هناك  مئات بل الوف الالوف الذين درسوا لكتب الاب متى المسكين في مصر والمهجر وهؤلاء هم قضاة التاريخ


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