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On June 1st, Coptic Orthodox Churches will be having mass for the first time since the decision to suspend liturgies and masses at churches in March as according to Coronavirus precautionary measures.  Masses will be without the presence of a congregation. 
The Coptic Orthodox Church has been celebrating  the day of the glorious Ascension [Holy Thursday, The Feast of the Ascension of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Ascension Day, Ascension Thursday] since this morning, on Thursday, May 25th.
Bishop Ruiz asserts that the Holy Synod’s meeting and all arrangements to ordain new priests were canceled due to the absence of his holiness and denies that a plate was installed into the patriarch’s left thigh bone, contradicting the statement of the Coptic Church in the United States.
Their Graces Bishops Aghathoun and Yousuf from the Monastery of Anbā Boula Awwal al-Sawwāh [The Monastery of St. Paul the First Hermit] are to be ordained as bishops in Brazil and Bolivia. The ordination, the author says, highlights the significant role Pope Shenouda III plays in serving...
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