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The draft of a law for Christian families in Egypt has again resulted in disagreements between churches, which were conveyed in notes sent to the government.
The author gives background about the history and beliefs of Jehovah´s Witnesses, Adventists and Mormons. He comments that these extremist groups try to infiltrate the Egyptian Church. That is why, Pope Shenouda has warned against them more than one.
Watani newspaper recently distributed a compact disk (CD), which is said to contain Protestant ideas. This hurts the feelings of many Orthodox people. Pope Shenouda and general-Bishop Musa sent Watani a letter condemning this CD. It was later discovered that the organization that distributed the CD...
The author comments on what Father Marcos Aziz Khalil of the Hanging Church stated in the magazine about the beliefs of the Adventist Church.
Pope Shenouda III says that religions call for peace, tolerance and the acceptance of the other. He adds that all forms of religious extremism are rejected. He again criticizes the Adventist Church and businessman Galal Dos.
The author comments on the articles the magazine wrote about the Adventist Church and in which he and his group “Keepers of God´s Commandments” were mentioned.
The public relations manager of the Coptic Adventist Denomination in Egypt and three Orthodox fathers sent letters to Rose El-Youssef commenting on its articles on the Adventist Church.
Interview with Galal Dos whom Pope Shenouda accuses of being the leader of the Adventist group in Egypt. He wonders why the pope attacks him and asks for a proof that his teachings are against the Holy Bible.
A center for the Adventists has been inaugurated in Bur-Fou´ad city. The Coptic Orthodox Church is dissatisfied at this, as the Adventists try to attract Orthodox youths with their publications that are not in accordance with the Orthodox faith.
Pope Shenouda warns against the activities of the Adventist Church and accuses a businessman called Gamal Dos of being its leader. Father Marcos Aziz Khalil of the Hanging Church gives a brief historical background about the group and its beliefs.


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