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Atef Helmi referred in his article to Rick Joyner’s "The Harvest" as an example of Western Charismatic thinking. An outline and evaluation of Joyner’s book is given. Hulsman points to the danger of a self-fulfilling prophesy.
Hulsman asked three Evangelical pastors in Egypt to comment on the two Rose el-Yousef articles. These pastors are certainly not happy with the publications in Rose el-Yousef. Their criticism, however, focuses on the tensions between churches in Egypt and para-Christian organizations, the...
Atef Helmi, an Egyptian Catholic, focuses his criticism on what he considers superstition of Egyptian Charismatics who are linked to American Charismatic movements.
Recently, there is a new trend which is developing in Egypt in general, and inside the Evangelical Church in particular. This new trend is called Charismatics. This phenomena is a general crisis because these people are believing in extremist ideas which might cause harm to the Egyptian society.
A growing Charismatic movement amongst Christian youth, especially amongst the Protestants is compared to Dervishism and Sufism in Islam, and the question is posed: Is there Dervishism in Christianity?
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