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The Higher Presidential Committee of Churches Affairs in Palestine (HCC) urged the representatives and heads of churches, as well as the international community, to take whatever measures necessary to condemn Israel’s crimes and encroachments on the Christians’ sanctities and property in Palestine.
In the town of Shibīn al-Kōm in al-Minūfīya governorate, there is a store that sells the sweets of al-Mūlid al-Nabawī (the Prophet Muḥammad’s Birthday) that is owned by three Coptic brothers.  
Egyptian Christians are still waiting for the endorsement of a unified personal status law, which is a constitutional right that the Egyptian parliament has not taken heed of since the 2014 constitution was approved.
During an address welcoming a French delegation of journalists, politicians, and writers, Pope Tawāḍrūs spoke on the role of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Egypt, as well as the status of Christians in the country and wider region. He warned of the dangers that would result from a diminishing...
A church source warned against getting carried away with people who provoke sectarian strife, especially on social media. 
The draft of a law for Christian families in Egypt has again resulted in disagreements between churches, which were conveyed in notes sent to the government.
The Catholic, Evangelical and Episcopal churches of Egypt have announced that they have joined with al-Azhar and the Vatican to pray on Thursday May 14, for humanity to be relieved from the novel coronavirus pandemic, at the invitation of the Higher Committee for Human Fraternity.
The Iraqi author in this article shared her thoughts and remarks after listening to an interview conducted by the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC with an Iraqi bishop on the situation of Christians in Iraq between the 2003 U.S. invasion and the departure of US troops from the country, and the...
In the context of the recent Sudanese revolution and civil transformations, this article will follow the systematic persecution of Christians in Sudan. Instances of persecution of Christians in Sudan are generally isolated and temporary, yet have taken on a systematic nature, especially since...
At the summit of the Voice of Egypt 2019, Ambassador Nabīla Makram, Minister of Immigration, confirmed that President ‘Abd Al-Fattāḥ al-Sīsī created a positive image of Egypt regarding the religious file and the rights of the Copts.   


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