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Zambia will hand over Hāroun Rashīd Aswad - suspected to be the mastermind of the terrorist bombings in London on July 7 - to Britain according to a source in the Zambian intelligence service.
British authorities deposed Egyptian fundamentalist Abū Hamza al-Masri from being the Imām of Finsbury Park Mosque because he used his position to give political statements. The ?Sun? paper reported the news of his deposition and asked its readers to call him on his cellular phone and ask him to...
Scotland Yard raided the mosque where Egyptian fundamentalist Abū Hamza al-Masri preaches, after receiving information from the French intelligence service about it. British officials stressed that such measures are not against Islām. al-Masri led the Friday prayers in the street for two...
Six Muslims, most of them from eastern Africa, are to appear in court in the case of the failed terrorist attacks in London.
Police in Belize announced that an American fugitive charged with establishing a terrorist training camp in the U.S. and poisoning water supplies in North Virginia was arrested yesterday morning in Belize City.
A court in The Netherlands has approved the extradition of Wisām, 32 years-old, an Iraqi-born Dutchmen, to the United States to face trial for participating in attacks on U.S troops in the Iraqi city of Falūjah.
Some information about the extremist preacher Abū Hamzah al- Misrī and why the British authorities hate him.5. Developments in Muslim-Christian relations in the Arab world
Another group of Muslims are arrested in Holland and accused of recruiting Muslim youth for jihād.
Police authorities finally arranged a meeting between prisoner Abū ‘Umar and his family after detaining him in an unknown location for three years. Abū ‘Umar had been arrested by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and its Italian counterpart, in Milan in 2003 over his alleged relations with...
Some European countries and the Russian Federation have taken legal steps against terrorists who allegedly planned to launch violent attacks.


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