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The article considers to what extent political Islam movements have influenced religious intolerance.
The British police yesterday arrested Abū Hamza al-Masry, the leader of the group of Ans...
Muhammad al-Shāf‘ī writes about the growing fundamentalist influence in British universities.
Radical Islamic cleric Abū Hamzah al-Misrī lost his appeal against his convictions of incitement to murder and race-hate offences.
Another group of Muslims are arrested in Holland and accused of recruiting Muslim youth for jihād.
British official document issued by the Department for Education urging university lecturers and staff to report on Muslim students.
Four Dutchmen of Arab origin stand on trial for planning to execute attacks targeting a number of political figures and important buildings, including the parliament and the airport.
Western governments are initiating local institutions for training and qualifying imāms in a way that meets the Western contexts in which they live and preach.
This article says that the American “‘Azzām” is originally Adam Gadahn who was recruited by two al-Qā‘idah operatives.
Europe has changed its concept of terrorism. Terrorists are no longer crossing the borders to execute terrorist attacks but are living in Europe and enjoying its benefits.


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