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Shaykh Jābir Ṭāyīʿ, head of the religious sector at the Ministry for ‘Awqāf (Endowments), said that the Ministry has not granted permits to radical preachers, adding that the Ministry is ready to re-open mosques or zaywas to cover the increase in the number of worshippers, and that any deviation...
Jamāl al-Banna’s book Jawāz Imāmit al-Mar’a [the legality of women leading prayers] debates many issues, especially that of gender equality in Islam. He uses Dr. Amīna Wadoud leading men and women in prayers [in New York], as an example [for Muslim women].
In his book, Jawāz Imāmat al-Mar’a Lil Rijāl [permissibility of women leading men in prayers], Jamāl al-Bannā argues that it is religiously acceptable for women to lead men in prayers.
The Azhar’s Islamic Research Institute under Grand Imām Shaykh Muhammad Sayyid Tantāwī approved banning the publication of books that “foment sedition and cause rifts in the Arab and Muslim ranks.”
Dr. Ahmad al -Tayyib, President of the Azhar University, talks in al-Musawwar about the legality of a woman leading prayer, the Western demands for a change in the Azhar curricula, and reports that Jihād verses were omitted from the Azhar curricula.
In spite of the objection of the Mufti and some sheikhs, the Minister of Al-Awqaf issued a decision agreeing to the appointment of women as assistants to the main preachers of the mosques. The Minister confirmed that women should pass through certain tests before they are appointed for these jobs.
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