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Al-Ḥurra recently aired an episode of its program “Debatable” that discussed the Bahāʾī religion.  In it, host Ibrāhīm ʿĪssā asked the question, “how do Bahāʾīs having houses of worship harm you as a Muslim or Christian?”
The Bahāʾī Faith is a monotheistic religion that affirms the spiritual unity of the human race, focusing on three pillars that form the foundation of its teachings. 
The article comments on a report that appeared on the Islam Online website in which the grand imām of the Azhar, Dr. Muhammad Sayyīd Tantāwī emphasizes the importance of not granting Bahā’īs official legitimacy by recognizing their religion on their personal identification papers.
A number of Bahā’īs respond to the State Commissioner Authority’s report that considered them murtad. The article stresses how the Bahā’īs will appeal this decree in an attempt to gain equal status as Egyptian citizens.
The State Commissioners Authority submitted its final report on the controversial issue of Bahā’īs to the Supreme Administrative Court, a few months after the Administrative Judicial Court, headed by Judge Fārūq ‘Abd al-Qādir, recognized the rights of Egyptian Bahā’īs to have their religion...
Sawt al-Ummah discusses a controversial book published by the Ministry of Awqāf (Endowments), calling for the killing of Bahā’īs.
Sa‘d al-Dīn Ibrāhīm tells how Western interest in Egypt has shifted to social and religious issues.
The author reviews the opinions of Muslim scholars about the issue of recognizing Egyptians of Bahā’ī faith in official documents like identity cards as well as questions about marriage with Bahā’īs.
A recent Administrative Judicial Court ruling allowing Egyptian Bahā’īs to have their religion recognized on official documents and the issue of Bahā’ī marriage have been a subject of heated debate in the Egyptian press.
The article praises a court ruling repealing a previous ruling that gave Egypt’s nearly 1000 Bahā’īs the right to have their faith registered in official documents, with opinions by intellectuals that Bahā’ism is not a religion and that the only religions recognized in Egypt are the divine...


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