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This interview  report reflects a brief discussion on August 5, 2018, between Libyan representatives (Mr. Abdulmajid Zuwama Alothmani [ʿAbd al-Majīd Zūwāmah alʿUthmānī], former Minister of Agriculture and current PDG of Libyan Petrol and Gas),  Mr Ahmed Shawki Mansour [Aḥmad Shawqī Manṣūr], the GM...
The religious establishment denounced what had been shared about the fatwá of al- Nūr party that prohibit buying the certificates of Suez Canal as a form of ribā (interest) that is considered harām  (religiously prohibited.)
Pope Tawadros stated in the International Conference of Coptic Youth that Egypt shall be within a year or two one of the economically promising countries.
Dr. Muhammad Mukhtār Jum’ah, Minsiter of Endowments has assigned Eng. Mursī al- Bahrāwī to conduct a survey for all mosques and ministerial headquarters and to formulate a idea concerning the best possibilities to utilize solar energy
Starting a business in the Arab world is already a difficult task; but if you are a woman, operating a business in the Arab world is even more challenging!
In this article the the author describes the culture of questioning, which he believes to be the only way towards development and changing the passive, static, stale state of Arab countries. By adopting this cultre, however, they may able to reduce the gap with the rest of the countries all over...
Rose al-Yūsuf writes about Islamic economy and how the West adopted this mistaken concept during the financial crisis.
The belief that the Islamic economy is the solution to the financial crisis is incorrect because financial rules are the same in both commercial and Islamic banks.
The article is a review of Rose Al-Youssef’s file "The Complete Conspiracy: The Extremist Plan to Destroy Egypt’s Civilization." The file exposes the dangerous dimensions of extremism’s conspiracy against Egypt. The aim of the conspiracy is to destroy every aspect of Egyptian society.


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