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Magdy Hussein, editor-in-chief of Al-Shaab, has now been sentenced to two years in prison for libel. The sentence is the result of the campaign of Al-Shaab of over a year against Youssef Wali, Minister of Agriculture. Hulsman describes Hussein’s views on Islam.
The Grand Sheikh recently clashed with those more politically minded when he refused to lead a prayer for the martyrs of Kosovo. Explaining that it was unlawful according the Muslim Shari’a, he suggested that those who wished to pray for martyrs do so at home or at mosques affiliated to the...
The polemic continues as regards the issue of the Prayer for the Absentee. According to Sayyed Tantawi, the Sheikh Al-Azhar, there is no need for a prayer for the martyrs who are absent. However this issue has provoked many of the Sheikh’s opponents who are accusing him of mixing politics with...
The statement lately released by the Islamic Center of Al-Azhar concerning the Prayer for the Absentee has caused a crisis especially after the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, Dr. Mohammed Sayyed Tantawi refused to perform the Prayer for the Absentee for Muslim martyrs of Kosovo, after last Friday’s prayer.
Questions are raised about whether or not the Sheik Al-Azhar is liable to questioning how is he chosen.
Controversy arises when a teacher in the School of Dentistry in Cairo university announces her Bahai faith.


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