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Has rejected the suggestion that the grand Imām be chosen from the members of the Islamic Research Academy.
To revive the Azhar, many professors and scholars advocate choosing the shaykh of the Azhar by election instead of appointment.
When the Muftī was asked his opinion about the possibility of the Grand Imām and the Muftī being elected, he did not reject the idea outright. However, he contradicted himself by suggesting that the process of choice is against Islamic shoura [consultation, similar to the modern concept of free...
The Azhar scholars’ front, which Dr. Tantāwi had disbanded, has re-emerged. It was a major obstacle for Dr. Tantāwi’s decisions regarding the development of educational methods at the Azhar and also for the fatwa he issues.
A senior official of the Azhar denied yesterday that there are any plans for passing a new law concerning electing the Grand Imam of the Azhar. He added that this issue was only discussed by the mass media.
Sub-titles: Dr. Abdel-Sabour Shahin: An international Islamic conference is needed to study how to choose the Sheikh Al-Azhar. Dr. Abdel-Azim Al-Matani: We must return to the old system: The Sheikh of the Azhar should be selected from the group of the Grand Ulama. Dr. Mohammed Ra’fat Othman: There...
Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi said that the choice of the Sheikh of the Azhar should be by free election. He said that assigning the role reduces the respectability of the Sheikh of the Azhar... He asked also for the separation of Al-Azhar University that contains the Arabic Language department, Sharia and...
Questions are raised about whether or not the Sheik Al-Azhar is liable to questioning how is he chosen.
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