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Following the mixed public reaction to the recent statements made by the Egyptian minister of culture, Fārūq Husnī, on the Ḥijāb, the People’s Assembly’s committees for Religious Affairs and Culture and Media held an emergency meeting on Sunday to discuss the issue. In an attempt to...
Gamal Al-Banna says that he has not denied the Sunna, but what he has been asking for is to purify the Hadiths from all that is untrue and fabricated. He recently claimed that 90% of the Hadiths are not true and do not agree with the Qur’an. Dr. Yahia Ismael says the Al-Banna has not the right...
Reconciliation has started between the Sheikh of the Azhar Mohammad Sayyed Tantawi and members of the Azhar’s Islamic Scholars’ Front.
The Azhar Scholars Front and the staff of the Azhar University refuted the decision to annul the Front before the administrative court.
Today four Azhar scholars are to stand in front of the disciplinary committee for the staff of the Azhar university and may face dismissal.
Interrogations are underway in the Azhar University with a number of the leaders of the Azhar scholars front.
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