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Egypt has a long history related to issues between Muslims and Christians. Apparently, this was the fundamental reason for creating that conference which is sponsored by the center of Arab-West Understanding in cooperation with a huge electronic English database about the religion’s role in the...
During a lecture held by the World Association of al-Azhar Graduates, and organized in cooperation with the al-Azhar International Academy for Training, Dr. Muṣṭafā Ṣalāḥ addressed the topic of false ideas and narratives being spread about Islam by those who maintained extremist ideologies. The...
The Islamic Research Academy of al-Azhar holds an interfaith symposium on supporting people with disabilities and ways to protect their rights.
The Grand Imām of al-Azhar discusses the contents of his new book, From My Old Notebooks, at the 2023 Cairo International Book Fair.
Dr. Muḥammad Yusrī Jaʿfar, professor at the Faculty of Fundamentals of Religion in al-Azhar University provides training to Libyan imāms on the rational arguments that spread moderate Islam and fight extremist thoughts. 
This article offers insights on the efforts of Grand Imām Aḥmed al-Ṭayyib toward renewing the religious discourse in Egypt.
The Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism shares its experience in fighting extremism and discusses cooperation possibilities with a delegation from the Indonesian Embassy in Cairo.
Sheikh Abū al-Yazīd Salāma, an Azharī scholar, responds to two common claims that the  Qurʾān contains grammatical errors.
The Grand Imam agreed to open an engineering program for women at al-Azhar University in Qenā and to increase the minimum monthly zakāt subsidy for the most vulnerable families.
The Al-Azhar Global Center for Electronic Fatwas confirmed that performing the al-Fajr prayer should be before sunrise. However, if a person slept through the prayer unintentionally, they should pray immediately when they wake up.


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