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ʿAmrū Khālid was born in a well-off family in 1967 in Alexandria, Egypt. From 1998 onwards Khālid became a full time dāʿiyah as he expanded his enterprise to satellite-television with his first tele-preacher show. Khālid aims at a revival of the Arab world pointing to the current obvious...
The article mentions an Internet campaign working to fight sectarian tensions and foster Muslim-Christian unity. The campaign was developed by prominent Islamic telepreacher ‘Amr Khālid after sectarian and inflammatory comments were posted on social networking websites. According to the report,...
Prominent Islamic dā‘iyah cAmr Khālid responds to news that been circulated about his alleged exile.
In the article, Dr. Wahīd ‘Abd al-Majīd releases a comment he has received from lawyer ‘Isām Sultān, whom the author previously criticized for giving blind support to dā‘iayh cAmr Khālid.
The author says that the well-known dā‘iyah cAmr Khālid seems to have become a money machine for religious TV channel owners, which could affect the da‘wah in a negative way.
The author comments on a report by Forbes magazine on the wealth of Islamic dā‘iyahs,calling on them to promote ’the priority-based fiqh’ that seeks to produce working people other than only worshipers.
The following text presents a number of the most popular Islamic Dā‘iyahs in the modern time.
Muḥammad Fatḥī interviews ‘Amr Khalid and discusses The New York Times celebration where Khalid has been selected as one of the 100 most influential people in the world,
The article gives different views on Sheikh Amr Khaled and his way of preaching. It also shows the criticism leveled at Christian journalist Mofied Fawzy because of his comments on Khaled and the issue of the veil, and how Fawzy responds to this criticism.
Supporters of Sheikh Amr Khaled praise his preaching and his efforts to teach youths their religion. His opponents believe he has shallow religious knowledge and thus is not qualified to preach. Al-Arabi attacks a Coptic journalist because he expressed his opinion on Khaled and the issue of the...


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