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A father accused his son, who is a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, of conspiring with others in the organization to bomb the Father Church and the Physical Education Faculty for women in Alexandria (Nashwá Fārūq, al-Shurūq, Dec. 5, p. 3). Read original text in Arabic. 
The “Coptic Scream” movement launched a campaign called “No to Brotherhoodization of Education”. 
Dr. Abāss Shūman, Deputy of the Azhar, stated that recently incorrect fatwá’s became  widespread, due to some self- proclaimed shaykhs who are ignorant in religious knowledge and sharī’ah.
A cautious calm is returning to the Azhar’s male dormitories in Nasr City, Cairo, after the security forces were capable of ending the acts of violence that students possibly affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood started yesterday (May 16) after the Friday prayers.
The High Committee of Legislative Reforms expressed its dissatisfaction with legislative amendments concerning education policies undertaken by the government without consultation with the Committee of Education. 
According to al-Azhar University’s regulations, once the current university president’s tenure comes to an end, the longest-serving vice-president temporarily assumes the role as president.
Background: Deputy Director, Khayrī Jambik from the Royal Institute for Inter-Faith Studies (RIIFS) discusses his institute‘s approach toward peace-building in the Near East, its latest dialogue programme, the general role of interfaith dialogue and other factors to be examined when looking at...
Khalīl continues highlighting a piece of research entitled “Education and Citizenship” which was presented at the second Conference for Egyptians Against Discrimination.
A textbook assigned to students at Cairo University presents an overview of Islamic history, which the author notes does not stick within the limits of proven historical fact.
The article reports on the bitterly-contested conflict between the government and secular opposition powers in Turkey over a recent constitutional amendment to end the ban on wearing the hijāb in universities.


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