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The article talks about the Ministry of Interior’s intention to commute the death sentences of the leaders of al-Jamā‘ah al-Islāmīyah and al-Jihād organization to life imprisonment.
Muntasir al-Ziyāt discusses the events and political context preceding the assassination of al-Sadāt and describes the motives of the perpetrator, Khālid Ahmad Shawqī al- ‘Islāmboulī.
Dr. Mustafa Al-Fiqi, the assistant to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, declared that Egyptian-Iranian relations are about to be restored. This follows Iran’s agreement with Egypt’s suggestion, to change the name of the Khaled Al-Islambouli Street in Tehran, to Sheikh Mahmoud Shaltout Street.
Disagreements over the leadership in the Gama’at Al Islamiyya came yesterday to the open. Mohammed Shawki Al Islambuli, one of the leaders, assured from his exile in a declaration sent to Reuters that the leadership council of the Jihad group had submitted its resignation last year. He said that...
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