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In this article, Egyptian researcher Dr. Kamāl Ḥabīb narrows down ten writings that he believes lay the foundation for using violence and explicitly call for it under the concepts of al-ḥākimiyya [God’s sovereignty], defending Muslim lands, and applying the sharīʿah [Islamic law]. 
Shaykh Ramaḍān ʿAbd al-Muʿiz in al-Azhar garb sat among some men of the armed forces, telling them about the moderate nature of Islam and exonerating Ibn Taymiyya from the takfiris’ usage of his fatwas [fatwā].  The scene came in episode 20 of the television series “The Choice,” which tells the...
Since June 30, 2013, sporadic acts of violence and terrorism have risen to the surface of the public sphere, and armed Takfīri groups and movements have systematically adopted the use of violence. However, over time, smaller groups active in different parts of the country, have targeted both state...
The Islamic political groups, the Brotherhood [Muslim Brotherhood] foremost among them, continue using the slogan "Islam is The Solution". These groups have adopted the slogan to appeal to the emotionality of many simple people, who consider it to be the magic key for all the problems faced by the...
In a new book expected to stir controversy, the Jamā‘a Islāmīya in Egypt criticizes the ideology of several fundamentalist movements and their takfīr [the act of accusing someone of unbelief] of regimes and individuals.
In a series of articles entitled, ‘The Perils of a Religious State,’ Jābir ‘Aṣfūr, the secretary general of the Supreme Council of Culture, warns of the dangers of Islamic theocracy.
Some Coptic websites presented a study realized by Dr. George Bibāwī and Dr. Robert Show. The study deems Pope Shenouda Kāfir and provide an explicit argument to its claims.
The article criticizes Saudi researcher Sa‘īd Bin Nāṣir al- Ghāmidī who has launched a Takfīr campaign against intellectuals and writers of Arab cultural life.
In this article the author comments on the book of Muḥammad ‘Imārah in which he accused ahl al-Dhimmah of infidelity.
Comment on lack of tolerance for differences in views, often related to religious principles and displayed in various media. Two Cairo lectures by William Dalrymple show a strong Christian population decline in the Arab World.


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