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The author argues that there is a big campaign going on now in America and Israel against Egypt and the Arabs. This campaign is carried out under the name of protecting and saving the Christians of the Middle East from persecution, but is in fact aimed at stirring up sectarianism,...
The author reviews the discussions in a symposium hosted by a group of senior Muslim scholars about the fatwas given recently by Hasan al- Turābī which sparked shock waves in the Muslim world as they contradicted firmly-established beliefs about the hijāb and the impermissibility of...
The author explains the negative consequences of the Islamic National Front’s rule of Sudan, which started in 1989, and continued for 15 years. He states that the front spread terrorism, oppression and violations of human rights all over Sudan.
Al-Turabi stated that committing adultery was less dangerous than sticking to the Sunna.
Al-Turabi wrote a substitute Sunna. He believes the explanations of the Qur’an did not cope with the new age and it had to be developed.
Al-Turabi said that Mohammed renewed the jurisprudence of the Prophets and he came to renew the jurisprudence of Mohammed.
The deniers of the Sunna believed that the messengers of God and the Prophets were possessed by the devils. Hassan Al-Turabi wanted to imitate Luther in his Protestant revolution against the Catholics.
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