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The author reports controversial statements by a leading Brotherhood member during a symposium of the Egyptian Bar Association in which he said detention centers were the place for members of the group.
The author reviews veteran journalist Muhammad Hasanayn Haykal’s opinions expressed on the Al -Jazeera channel about the Muslim Brotherhood and replies given by the group’s top leaders, in what looks like a face-off between Haykal and the supreme guide.
The article gives an account and a brief history of the most influential contemporary figures of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, particularly those in the Irshād [Guidance] Office.
The writer believes that Sout Al-Umma appears just to curse the Brotherhood. Whenever they succeed, the paper criticizes them and whenever they fail the paper considers this good news. If there is no news it fabricates some.
The Military Prosecution is now preparing the accusation list for the lawsuit involving professional syndicates. Twenty members of the Muslim Brotherhood are to be turned over to a military circuit court in order to be tried within days.
The note which was found in the wallet of one of the suspects in the last lawsuit of the Muslim Brotherhood, became a key document in the lawsuit. The note is entitled "the syndicates’ membership department" which is described as one of the technical offices supervised by the guidance office of the...
Security forces arrested the three leaders of the new organization of the Muslim Brotherhood. The state security prosecution faced the three leaders -- engineer Mohammed Ali Bashir, Dr. Mohammed Abd Al-Bad’a Abd Al-Maged and Dr. Sa’ad Zaghloul -- with investigations that assured that they are the...
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