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Five journalists affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) applied on Monday (September 19, 2011) competing for board positions in the Journalists Syndicate elections, scheduled for October 14, 2011.
The article reviews the ideological history of the Muslim Brotherhood and their previous tensions with the ruling regime in Egypt.
The Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination [EARD] group held its first national conference last weekend. The conference was supposed to be held at the Journalists Syndicate but after journalists stopped participants from entering the premises it was moved to the headquarters of the Tajammu...
The red lines of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood group. The outlawed organization’s leader Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, who manifested a sky-is-the-limit approach in the struggle against the government, called for civil disobedience after he discovered that the Brotherhood is entitled to take it to the streets...
The mass protests led by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, in which 70,000 protestors took to the streets in 18 governorates in Egypt, has raised controversies about the real intentions of the Brotherhood.
Before the recent Egyptian Bar Association elections, members of the Muslim Brotherhood thought that they had all the keys to lift whomever they wanted to zenith and bring opponents down to nadir. However, they failed their first real test. It has become evident for all that the Brotherhood is no...
Egyptian newspapers and magazines have continued discussing the consequences of the announcement of the Brotherhood’s initiative for political reform from a rented hall at the Journalists? Syndicate. The event triggered a crisis between the government and the Syndicate.
Articles in this week?s papers about the Muslim Brotherhood discuss four issues: the detention of 18 of its members, its role as a source of terrorism in Egypt, the future possibility of its participation in political life, and its activities in the Bar Association.
In an attempt to control the money of the Bar Association, members of the association, who belongs to the Brotherhood, appointed a new treasurer against the will of the association?s president ? which led to many problems in the association.
Aymān ‘Abd al-Majīd writes about different opinions of members of the Press Syndicate concerning hosting a Muslim Brotherhood seminar to celebrate the 100th birthday of Hasan al- Bannā, the founder of the group.


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