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President Mubārak said "if the Brotherhood ascends to power, they will never leave it" should not have been made by a president. He has no documents or evidence to substantiate his claims, said Muhammad Mahdī ‘Ākif, the supreme guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, in an interview.
The mass protests led by the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group, in which 70,000 protestors took to the streets in 18 governorates in Egypt, has raised controversies about the real intentions of the Brotherhood.
The review highlights the Muslim Brotherhood’s position during the judges crisis that has recently gripped the nation, amidst accusations that the outlawed group is trying to take advantage of the crisis to escalate its confrontation with the regime.
Brotherhood members believe that Mubārak was once a member of their group and another member affirms that Mubārak’s uncle was a member of the Brotherhood.
Most of the recently arrested Brotherhood members are university professors. There have been more cases where university professors have been involved. The article discusses how these Brotherhood members succeeded in jumping to the seats of faculty members in the educational systems of Egyptian...
How can we ban the activities of the Brotherhood in Egypt at the same time that we pamper them in Palestine and Jordan? The Brotherhood is the same whether in Palestine, Jordan, Iraq, America or Saudi Arabia. They are all working under one authority based in Germany. Is it not true that unifying...
Muhammad Mahdi Akef, the Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, answers questions about political reform, the recently established unified opposition front, the upcoming parliamentary elections and other topics.
After Egypt recovered from the terrorism whose first seed was planted by the Brotherhood, the latter are back once again playing the same old game, trying to penetrate society’s civil foundations in lawful and legitimate ways.
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