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Based on the lectures given at the Danish-Egyptian Dialogue Institute symposium on de-radicalization and dis-engagement in December 2009 one of the CIDT interns, Vivien Molinengo wrote this paper on societal collapse and radicalization. He argues that the notion of societal collapse was a leitmotif...
After months of steady improvement, relations between Algeria and Morocco have suddenly soured again as old charges of Moroccan support for Algerian rebels have resurfaced. In the wake of a brutal massacre of 30 people near the village of Bechar August 14 near the Moroccan border, Algerian...
Islamist extremists killed four people on the first day of campaigning in Algeria for a peace referendum scheduled for September 16 by President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the press said August 28.
Nine members of an Islamic extremist group from Algeria held responsible for a massacre of 29 people this month have been arrested by Moroccan military security forces, a reliable source told AFP on August 25. The Moroccan authorities denied the report on the next day.
The British House of Commons and House of Lords passed new legislation aimed at crushing violent Northern Ireland groups but will also hit terrorists from Egypt in England.
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