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An armed man called Abass al-Baqar killed 20 worshippers in Ans...
The author reviews a newly released book about the relationship between freedom and political reform.
The author of the article blames backwardness of the Muslim East on the lack of separation between religion and the state.
This article gives definitions of the main religious parties and movements that have role in political life in the Middle East region.
This article describes how political Islam is trying to move forward from its violent past and look like a civilized movement in Egyptian society.
The writer complains about an encyclopedia written about Islam by a Jew, which he considers unnecessary Israeli interference and dishonoring of the heavenly religion.
The fifth anniversary of 9/11 was a strong reminder of the continued war declared by Islamism against the world, and especially the “infidel West.” This article approaches some of the many questions that that have been raised by the war.
Irshad Manji argues that despite an increasingly popular belief, foreign policy grievances have caused the increased number of terrorist attacks in the West, the violent jihadists have rarely needed foreign policy grievances to justify their hot heads, as demonstrated by their kidnapping of...
The author discusses an article written by Dr. Steven Metz, Associate Research Professor at the Strategic Studies Institute, in which he warns Western governments that information offered by the experts about Islamic fundamentalism is inaccurate.
The author analyses recent conflicts between the West and Islamic regimes, including the recent conflict between Israel and the Hizb Allāh and asserts that ultimately the war is one of many battles to be fought between those who wish to join the modern world and those who think they have an...


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