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For several weeks, the movie ?Baheb al-Sima? [I Love Cinema] has been discussed in the Egyptian press. Following are the articles published about the controversial movie in the Arabic press available in Egypt.
Monk Basilious, one of Father Matta Al-Maskeen’s close disciples, was stunned by the clergy’s “storm in a teacup” debate about the movie “Baheb Al-Sima” [I love Cinema’, considering it one of the most remarkably strange preoccupations in Coptic minds. He wonders who encouraged Coptic youth to...
The young people who took part in the demonstrations against the movie “Baheb Al-Sima” [I love Cinema] in front of the cathedral are not desperate youth. They are all occupying honorable posts working for the improvement of the country. More importantly, they are not driven by anyone. The churches...
Archpriest Zakarīyā Butrus is in a kind of alliance with the shaykhs and leaders of the extremist camp, whose fatwas have been causing a commotion for more than three decades.
I recently watched a very interesting film called Film Thaqāfī [An educational film]. The film tackled the issue of the difficulties that the youth now face in getting married.
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